Aloura's Co-Founder and Creative Director, Rachel O'Mahony, speaks to London College of Fashion Magazine Pigeons and Peacocks about life after graduating and establishing a new fashion brand:


With final major projects all handed in and the press show done and dusted, a lot of you are probably asking, ‘what next?’. For a lot of you, the dream is to keep the final major project going, keep doing your own thing and set up your own brand. LCF grad Rachel O’Mahony and Middlesex grad Emily Hill did just that- after graduating the duo teamed up and set up their own label, Aloura. We chat to them about setting up a brand after graduation and their advice for young designers hoping to do the same.  


Tell us about your brand? 

Aloura fuses modern eveningwear with elegant embroideries, hand-stitched embellishments and chic tailoring, Aloura offers premium cocktail dresses skillfully created to bring style and femininity to every woman.

The collection demonstrates contoured eveningwear dresses that feature a variety of exclusive stretch satin and soft neoprene fabric with elements of delicate sequin hand-embellishments. The concept of structured figure defining garments flows throughout the collection with considerations of carefully placed cut-outs making them inclusive for every occasion. Dropped shoulders, cross-over elements and high-neck sophistication creates an emphasis on the confident and empowering fitted designs that have been constructed to make every woman look and feel extraordinary.


You set up the brand after graduating from BA Womenswear at LCF, what advice would you give to other grads wanting to set up their own label? 

In the fashion industry it is so important to establish an identity that is unique to your brand, as this will ensure your products are instantly recognisable. Once you have created your niche and produced an amazing collection that shows off your skills and ideas, I would advise to go and meet with investors and pitch your business proposal. You can also apply for various fashion grants and competitions that assist you in showcasing your work at London Fashion Week.

Social media is an amazing platform to showcase your work and gain recognition. It acts as an online portfolio for potential customers and industry insiders to view the whole of your design process – so ensure you post regularly and keep it ‘on-brand’. Having this social media and online presence will definitely assist you in developing your own label as it will increase your potential customer base and connect you with stockists, stylists and fashion magazines.


How was your time at LCF? What’s the best thing you took away from your time here? 

Looking back at my time at LCF, I have realised how much I learnt and developed myself as a designer. It was the most challenging 4 years of my life, as I continuously struggled to please the tutors and to meet deadlines. At the beginning, everything I made was never good enough, but as it had always been my dream to become a designer, I never gave up and I always tried to push my abilities to create something better every time.


What’s next for the brand? What’s next for the dream? 

Emily and I would LOVE to move to America! Once we establish the brand in the UK, it is our dream to spend most of our time between NY, LA and London. Being stocked on Net-A-Porter and showcasing our exclusive embellished collection at NYFW would be a dream come true and we are working solidly to make that happen.


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