Aloura London has teamed up with creative artist Dafina Gjikolli yet again to create a series of beautifully distorted and unique photo collages. The captivating and skilfully edited photographs are derived from Aloura’s past campaign images with British models Elle Trowbridge and Bee Smith and all photographed by Stacey Clarke.

Dafina spoke to Aloura’s designers Rachel O’Mahony and Emily Hill about her artistic processes, background and future ambitions as an artist. Here is the full interview:

How did you get into creating this unique style of artwork?

I have always been interested in photography and fashion. I would often find myself staring at some photos and think there's something I could do, perhaps add something new & interesting. So I edited one photo without thinking too much about it and it was only then, when people started to ask me to carry artistic edits of their photos, and that inspired me to create further.

Your style is really captivating, how do you go about creating this? Do you have a process you follow?

I wouldn't say there is a certain process I follow, but there is one rule I always go by. " Focus on the concept, when focusing on the concept you know what you want to create, so you're able to bring out the best of the photo. 

What is your background? Has art always been your passion?

Art has always been a part of my life, but as I am a young artist, only recently I've found myself to be carried away by visual arts. I couldn't decide to focus on only one of these forms of art. I rather incorporated all of them altogether. 

What inspires you to do what you do? 

All the genres such as photography, fashion and music inspire me to create. I like to search for some indie photos that match my style, while I'm listening to music. Once I see a great photo, I immediately say to myself " I know what I'm gonna do to this one" it all really comes naturally to me, but sometimes it all depends on the music I'm listening to, if it's sad then I think you already know for what concept I'm gonna go for. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Achieving my goals as an artistic editor. Working with famous magazines, brands etc. But most importantly leaving a mark as a visual artist. Creating something iconic and irreplaceable. 

Is there anything you would like to do, that you haven’t tried yet?

I would like to use my paintings as material for my artwork. I have used some of my drawings/sketches but it still isn't the same. Using an actual painting of mine would really be something! 

What advise can you give to an aspiring artist?

I would tell them the same thing I always tell myself. " Create while experimenting, when experimenting you learn and you're always exclusive. " 

What is your favourite piece of artwork you have done and why?

All of my pieces mean something to me. But I'd like to mention the edits I recently made for Lion Babe, in particular, the one for Astro Raw. With the whole process of creating and adding my original material really made the piece come closer to me.

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