Roxy Horner is a British model that has been selected to represent the Aloura brand due to her sophisticated and alluring style qualities and her outgoing personality. Roxy has appeared on the pages of numerous international fashion magazines including Vogue, Vice and Cosmopolitan, with other achievements including shooting with the world famous photographer Rankin and doing campaigns for Mary K and House of Fraser.

Aloura designers Rachel and Emily got a chance to meet up with Roxy on set at the Aloura campaign shoot to ask her some questions about her life in the fashion industry.


How does it feel to be chosen as the Face of Aloura London?

It is so exciting to have been chosen to be the face of Aloura and I am so proud to have been selected as their first brand ambassador and campaign model. I am really looking forward to seeing the brand develop as I love their embellished eveningwear and I believe there is definitely a gap in the market for their stunning products.

What is your favourite Aloura London dress this season and why?

The dress that stands out the most for me this season has to be the Estelle Dress! I just love the way it fits to my body, and the stretch satin fabric is so flattering. The embellishments look so sophisticated and beautiful and I love when the light hits the stones and sparkles - I feel so classy wearing it!  

In the fashion industry, you are renowned for being a fashion icon. How would you describe your fashion style for an elegant night out?

Normally I love to rock a casual style, but when I do get the opportunity to get dressed up for a special event, I enjoy wearing a long, fitted elegant gown and so I am very looking forward to wearing an Aloura gown at my next event!

What are your favourite accessories to wear on a night out with your Aloura dress?

Simple fine body chains are my favourite form of accessory. I love to wear gold jewellery but I feel when I wear an Aloura dress they are just so beautiful with their embellishments that I don’t feel I need to wear any jewellery with it, just a simple bangle. 

Who is your favourite fashion icon and why do they inspire you?

I don't tend to follow anyones style in particular because I feel I am quite fussy with what I choose to wear. I just like to wear different things that I find interesting and dont follow any trends.

You have worked with numerous international make-up artists during your career; what beauty tips can you share with us for an exclusive night out in the city?

Less is always more when it comes to beauty and make-up - I like to go for the natural look but good highlighter is one of my essentials for a night out as it enhances my features. I also drink a lot of water and moisturise daily to keep my skin hydrated.

You have an extremely successful and exciting career as a model; do you have any future plans or ambitions you can share with us?

I plan to be modelling for quite a few more years as I feel I am at the height of my career and I am enjoying the travelling and modelling so much. I have several projects I am working on at the moment, including a lingerie brand that I have been working on with my sister - maybe we could do an Aloura collaboration in the future?!


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